Accommodation for more than 100 persons

We offer accommodation for 50 persons in Haanja and also for 54 persons at Kuningatalu Holiday Home (in Võru town, at Tamula Lake).



To get to Haanja you have to go through Võru town (by Fr. R. Kreutzwald street), cross the railway and turn to left where sign says "Haanja 16km". Haanja Milla Köök (catering and accommodation) is located at the center of Haanja. This place is the pearl of Võru county and is perfect for tourists, campers, families, summer and winter athletes and nature lovers. The unique nature of Haanja Nature park is a great sightseeing in any time. The stadium is very close, pistes starts from behind the house, the shooting gallery is behind the stadium. The rollerskating track next to stadium takes you to Kurgjärve. Suur Munamäe observation tower is 30 minutes of walk from house. Vällamägi's camping tracks are located in 1 km towards Võru.

The accommodation rooms includes apartments for 12 persons, 7 persons and 22 persons witch each includes private sauna and kitchen, There are rooms for ski and bicycle maintenance and placement. Accommodation rooms, big dining hall, sports equipment maintenance rooms and local shop are all located under one roof. Haanja Milla Köök ja Majutus is perfect place for any events: summer or winter days, anniversaries, sport camps, conferences, birthdays, weddings and funerals. Our dining hall has room for 120 persons and we will be glad to make tasty food for you. Tour organizers have just to call and let us know the number of travelers to have lunch. Veranda is good place to enjoy cup of coffee and the view of local nature. Chief Milvi with her helpers will cook home-made food according to chosen menu.

Haanja Milla Köök ja Majutus is also good for families. Children will be busy with activities as in summer as in winter weather. The marked ski tracks won't allow you to get lost. Behind the house there are Haanja pistes. You can view the local weather from here.





Ski runs start behind the building.

Information about mountain Suur Munamärgi: